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Boggle Woggle – WordPress Ad Manager

Boggle Woggle helps you manage your ads (advertisements) on your blog. You can copy/paste your ad code (for example from google adsense) into ad units or ad widgets.

For each ad unit and ad widget you can specify where it should be displayed and on what type of content (posts, pages, archives, categories, home, search) and how it should be alligned.

Of course instead of ads you can use any text or html in the units so you can use it for all kinds of purposes.

You download the plugin by just searching for boggle woggle in your plugins installation section of your wordpress website.

If you want to suggest improvements or request some features then you can reply on this page below in the comments section.

Some screenshots:



2 thoughts on “Boggle Woggle – WordPress Ad Manager

  • Dennis Bandy says:

    Hello, just tried your app on Thought I could display ads on the left sidebar also, not just in the articles. Nice app though. Thanks.

  • Peter says:

    Awesome widget, it actually works! There are so many adsense widgets out there that dont do what they say. In fact, there’s one I used that I am pretty sure the guy actually had his own Adsense ID’s in the code.

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