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Colored Tags Tag Cloud Widget

Colored Tags Tag Cloud Widget gives you a widget with colored tags.

Just drag and drop the widget to the the widget area you would like to display the tagcloud and your done.

The widget has two options that can be configured. You can give the widget a title (you can also leave it empty) and you can define the number of tags that you would like to display. Besides this you can also configure which colors should be used.

If you want to ask some questions regarding this plugin you can do so in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Colored Tags Tag Cloud Widget

  • Arman says:

    hi , i use Colored Tags Tag Cloud Widget , it`s simple and cool .

    but it seems Tags not updated at all and they are static .

    how can i update the tags with my new posts thanks

    • shops2b says:

      Hi Arman,

      By default it shows 35 tags and it shuffles the tags so it should not be static. Maybe you have a cache plugin installed for better performance that caches pages? I have the plugin also installed on and as you can see it shuffles everytime the tags.

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