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Primark is a clothing retailer from Ireland with it’s headquarters in Dublin. The company operates in eight countries but most of their shops can be found in the United Kingdom. The first store of the chain opened in June 1968 in Dublin. Primark offers womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, footwear, accessoires, lingerie and homeware products. The store is mostly known for it’s fashionable products for budget prices and is well visited on all locations it’s present, which often results in a crowded shopping experience.

Besides the Uk and Ireland Primark has also shops in Spain, Belgium, Austria, The Netherlands, Portugal and Germany, in total this sums up to 257 shops at the moment. The largest shop in the UK can be found in Manchester.


Primark Brands


  • Atmosphere – High fashion womenswear, which focuses on the latest fashion trends, classic casuals, accessories and shoes.
  • DenimCO – Denim brand, with a wide variety of fits and shapes.
  • Secret Possessions – Nightwear, lingery and underwear.
  • Secret Possessions Collection.
  • Backswing – Sports brand for men and women.


  • Cedarwood State – Range of smart style and casual clothes and accessories.
  • DenimCO – Denim brand, with a wide variety of fits and shapes.
  • Primark Essentials – Everyday wear and items for men.
  • CS active – Casual sportswear brand covering T-shirts and sweatshirts.
  • Butlerandwebb – Tailoring, shirts and ties. Premium menswear.
  • Backswing – Sports brand for men and women.


  • Early days – Babies and toddlers. 6 Months to 2 years old.
  • Girl2Girl – A fun fashion brand for girls aged 2-6 including sportswear, footwear and accessories.
  • Young Dimension – A vibrant and funky fashion brand for girls aged 7-14, combining graphic prints, with bold colour. The range also includes sportswear, footwear and accessories.
  • Rebel –  dynamic boyswear brand with Rebel Jnr catering for 2-6 years olds and Rebel for 7-14 years, with sportswear, accessories and footwear from Rebel Active.
  • DenimCO – A well-established denim brand, encompassing all the latest fits and leg shapes.


Number of Stores by country at 14th February 2013:

  • Ireland – 38
  • Spain – 35
  • UK – 161
  • The Netherlands – 4
  • Portugal – 6
  • Germany – 10
  • Belgium – 1
  • Austria – 2
  • Total – 257


Primark Ethical Trading

Primark is part of the Associated British Foods (ABF) and as such shares the same core values. To make customers aware of these values and trading practices there is a complete website with information available: Although Primark has had a lot of news coverage on the Primark sweatshops and bad working conditions it seems they understand now that customers want to buy fair products. Even with ethical trading which means taking into account human rights, good working condtions, workinghours and the environment it should be possible to offer products at low prices. The company offers a lot of information on their activities which include the area’s of women’s health, sustainable cotton, recycling, women rights, education of employees, clean production, safe working environments, etc… If you’d like to have detailed information please browe their website.

Primark Netherlands

In The Netherlands Primark has 4 shops and a 5th is on it’s way in the city of Eindhoven, it promises to be the largest one of The Netherlands untill now. The other 4 shops can be found in Zaandam, Hoofddorp, Rotterdam and Almere (open since december 2012). More information on shopping in the Netherlands can find on the country’s tourism website.

Primark Spain

In May 2006 the first store opened in Plenilunio (Madrid) quickly followed by a second store in Murcia later that year (September). The last year a lot stores have opened in Spain. Spain is currently suffering a high unemployment rate and suffers badly from the economic crisis in Europe. Altough other clothes retailers are struggling, Primark sees an increase in it’s turnover. Currently there are 35 stores in Spain.

Primark Online

June 2013 Primark announced a collaboration with Asos to sell some of it’s items online to get a better understanding of the online retailing world. As there is a great demand to get the collection of Primark online, the expectations are high. Untill now the retailer always denied going online and even looking into it so the news came as a surprise. With online retailers ‘stealing’ an increasing share of the total sales it is a logical step for most companies to try to hook into this. Altough this is a first step it could be a long way untill the companies full collection can be found on the world wide web.

Primark - outfits

Shopping Experience

Although I like shopping at Primark very much, it is very often crowded which results in a hectic shopping experience. Customers put clothes back in the wrong rack or leave them on the floor after bumping them down. All in all this does not disturb me too much but what can be annoying is the wait times for the dressing rooms. So the best advice is to go shopping during the week on the less busy days and times. The staff has always been friendly and helpfull even when they were obviously very busy.


List of all Primark shops in the UK: primark shops

Official website:

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