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B&Q Middlesbrough

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B&Q Middlesbrough address

B&Q Middlesbrough
Cleveland Retail Park, Skippers Lane, Teesside, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, TS6 6UX
Phonenumber 01642 430043
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B&Q Middlesbrough opening times

Day of the week Opening times
Monday 0700 - 2100
Tuesday 0700 - 2100
Wednesday 0700 - 2100
Thursday 0700 - 2100
Friday 0700 - 2100
Saturday 0700 - 2000
Sunday 1000 - 1600

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One thought on “B&Q Middlesbrough

  • Maureen Webb says:

    When visiting the B & Q store at Skippers Lane , Middlesbrough on 23rd July 2013 I had an accident when trying to take a tin of paint off the shelf. A tin underneath the one I was trying to remove fell and covered my shoes and trousers with paint. It took some time to locate an assistant for help and then all she did was halfheartedly wipe the paint off my shoe and told me to go home and wash my trousers. I could not have possibly done that as I would have covered my car in paint. I was not offered any apology for this happening and would be very wary of buying paint from the store again.

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